123Movies app is one of the most sophisticated and desired application that every “movie freaks” love to have. This app will let you watch movies and TV shows online on live streaming. Alongside with this, users can also download the movies from an application and watch it offline. All HD movies and shows can be found here. DOWNLOAD 123MOVIES NOW!!! 

While the world starts to turn their attention to the convenience brought by technology, which is now very particular in smartphones, the smartphone mobile apps are opening a gateway to let people enjoy doing what they love without the help of desktops or laptops. Smartphones mobile apps are playing an essential role in the lives of people nowadays. Having this fact in mind, we are giving an opportunity to millions of people wanting to download 123Movies Apk and let them watch free movies online at the convenience of their smartphones.

123Movies App Download Free

Visiting this page, you will be given the facts about the complete detail about this excellent app so you will know what you can get out from it. The 123movies app will give convenience you are looking for. Gone are those days when you need to stand in a long row just to get your movie tickets. And the worse is you will be spending more for this kind of option.

However, this is about to end with the advent of 123Movies app. You can now download or even live stream any latest movies with just a single click on your phone – and you can excellently do it using 123movies app for Android. Not to mention, it is not just movies are available for you to see, but you can also stream TV series or TV shows and much more using your smartphone.

Now, let us dig deeper and find out what are the features of this app, how to install this app on Android devices, how to watch free movies, and the types of movies and TV shows available in 123Movies Application.

123movies App Features

123Movies app is created with a goal in mind to entertain people and to wipe away the hassles brought by the restrictions of watching the latest movies and TV shows. Thus, this smartphone app excellently gives us an opportunity to watch the latest movies and TV series that may otherwise cost you a lot in theaters. 123movies app for Android comes with manifolds of features, which are now at the tip of your fingers. Here they are:

  • Easy to Use Interface

The interface of this mobile app has a lot of options given to the users. And the first page of the app is directly manifesting the latest movies and TV shows available for you to watch. Its interface is giving the users a chance to navigate the app or site in a very convenient and easy manner.

  • Free of Cost

All the following features that you will see below about this app are free of cost yet still work at its best. So, you can use 123Movies anytime at any place. This app is extensively working the same with other expensive apps, so this option won’t cause you any trouble of breaking a bank. Why settle for a pricey option if you can have the one that works the same or even better – for free?

  • Latest Movies are Available

123movies free app will let you enjoy watching the latest movies and hot stories, as they are provided at the first page of the site without needing you to do a search.

  • Newest TV Series are Also Obtainable

From the first episode down to the last, all TV series or TV shows will be uploaded on the site and certainly available for you to stream. Therefore, if you happen to miss any episode of your favourite show, you can perfectly have them here in 123Movies application.

  • Trailers are Accessible

You can also watch the trailers, the songs of the movies and the TV shows in 123Movies free. Alongside with this opportunity, you can also stream the trailers of the newly released movies and the movies that are about to be released in theatres.

  • Categories are Sorted for Convenient Search

You can sort out the movies and the TV series here based on its categories, genres, language, release date, length, etc.

So, if your current mobile app lacks these features, then why settle for less? 123Movies is the app you can every find. Aside from its free of cost, it is also perfect if you are looking for more. Make 123Movies as the perfect buddy to enjoy and be entertained.


Install 123Movies On Android

For you to fully enjoy 123Movies in your Android device, you have to download and install it. First things first. Create or register an email account, so the site will identify you. After you successfully register your account, you can begin downloading. Since t is free, you don’t have to worry about spending. This app is currently available for Android devices and we will be teaching you the ways to download and install it.

Before we proceed to the main process, there are some considerations you might need, which will help along the way. The app can also be used by ways of the emulator. You can download an android emulator on the internet and you can choose any of the available emulator presented to you. After you downloaded the emulator, you can now begin downloading the 123movies app.

123Movies in Play Store:

The mere fact is, you cannot find 123Movies in Play Store but you can download it easily from a reputable site. Click the download button. Download it from here and you are good to go. After the process of downloading is done, depending on the type of Android device, 123Movies free will automatically install itself after the download is done. But on some devices, this may not be the case, as you have to manually click the “install” button to install the app on your phone.


If you have seen the 123Movies icon on your phone, you are now on the go. Enjoy!


How to Watch Free Movies on 123Movies?

Are you fond of watching movies online? Do you want to have a lot of choices? 123Movies is one of the best places that fit your needs. It can help attain your goals and go beyond your expectation. It has endless options you will love and enjoy watching.

There are up-to-date movies that will ensure a different experience. When you have been using a different site that does not reach your standard, 123Movies is an excellent alternative on your part.

Below are some simple steps that can help you watch free movies online easily.

How To Use 123Movies:

  1. Type 123Movies.to – What browser do you use when you make a research over the internet? Whatever your browser is (Google and Firefox), you need to type 123Movies.to in its search bar. After a few seconds, it will bring you to the site. You can see many types of movies including horror, romance, adventure, animation, and much more.
  2. Identify your Interests – When you are already on the site, you have a lot of choices. By browsing it, you can see interesting and engaging movies that will capture your attention. If you prefer top rating movies, there is a page you have to click. Whether you want TV-series, mystery, or action movies, you can have a first-hand experience effortlessly.
  3. Click Play
  4. After identifying your preference now is the right time to watch your choice. You just have to click ‘play’ and start watching without hassles. Unlike other service providers, it will not bring you to other pages after clicking ‘play’. On the same page, you can watch your favourite movies. Aside from that, you can avoid any costs because its services are free. When you spend more in your present movie site, 123Movies Free is the one you should take advantage of.
  5. Download – If you do not have enough time for a movie marathon, the best thing that you can do is to download it. The downloading process takes a few minutes, which can avoid hassles. However, you can watch what you like online without downloading when you don’t have a hectic schedule.
  6. Find more Options – When you are unable to find your favourite movies or TV-series, 123Movies has a search bar. You just have to type the exact word or the title to have successful results. Some movies are available in episodes, so click the first one to understand the message of your choice.
watch awesome and latest movies

Nowadays, online has been doing a fantastic job in reducing a cumbersome experience. Instead of going to the nearest cinema, you have the opportunity to watch awesome and latest movies. Aside from that, there are sites that provide services without any cost.

On 123Movies, you can browse and watch a broad range of movies for free. When you always spend a bit high expenditure in watching movies online, it is an amazing site for you.

By just a click of a mouse, you can see some of your favourites. 123Movies free is can make your time enjoying and exciting. However, spending the day with your friends and relatives can make your day more special.

Types of Movies and TV Shows available in 123Movies

When looking for a movie site, there is no need to have further search because 123Movies has a variety of movies and TV shows specifically collected for you.

Whatever your interests are, this site can give you the chance to have a fulfilling and unforgettable experience. Moreover, 123Movies also free provides a great way for you to watch anything without expenses.

When you are an avid fan of different movies but are having a hard time here is the list of the types of movies and TV shows available on the site. Browse and watch now to enjoy.

Types of Movies

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Animation
  • Biography
  • Comedy
  • Costume
  • Crime
  • Documentary
  • Drama
  • Family
  • Fantasy
  • History
  • Horror
  • Kungfu
  • Musical
  • Mystery
  • Mythological
  • Psychological
  • Romance
  • Sci-Fi
  • Sitcom
  • Sports
  • Thriller
  • TV Show
  • War

Whether you want something about love, tragedy, laughter, culture, lives of prominent individuals, or fantasy, you have come to the right place. 123Movies has different movies that can capture your attention and tickle your interest.

For action movies, it has Luck Key, Sinners and Saints, Taken Heart, Rivers 9, and much more. When it comes to biography, it has I am Ali, The Founder, Jackie, Isadora, etc. To find out other genres, just click on the right page. After a few minutes, there are various movies that will come out for you.

TV Shows

When you want TV shows, 123Movies free is specially designed to help you. It has custom-made services that can make you feel 100% satisfied. Whether you want American shows or Korean series, the site has been doing an exemplary job among an array of audience.

It has Mercy Street (6 episodes), The Bachelor (8 episodes), Introverted Boss (7 episodes), Medical Top Team (20 episodes), Chicago Fire (13 episodes), and more. Furthermore, type the title on the search bar in the movie site for more choices in TV Shows.

123Movies: A Variety of Movies and TV Shows

123Movies Free is an outstanding place where you can browse and see a myriad of movies and TV shows. When you like psychological, mythological, musical, or documentary movies, it is one of the most relevant and responsive sites that you can ever have.

It gathers different types of movies across the world including Asia, United States, Korea, France, Japan, China as well as India to provide varying themes. With a number of providers in the internet, 123Movies is one of a kind in terms of quality and free services.

123Movies Watch TV Shows

Bottom line, 123Movies is the site for people who love watching movies and TV shows. It gathers a lot of entertainment solutions from different countries to make fulfilment guaranteed. When you feel bored and stressed, a movie marathon on the site is a great decision.

You can experience more fun, excitement, and happiness. You can avoid headaches as well as high expenses as 123Movies is tailored to reach your budget and fulfil other needs. Search the movie and TV shows you want on 123Movies now and be ready to be entertained to the fullest.


What is 123Movies app?

123Movies is one of the leading apps for movies, TV shows, and more. With 123Movies, you can watch the past and latest movies, TV shows, and your other favourites, wherever you are, anytime. 123Movies for Kodi is also available and all yours. Watch on your computers or watch/download movies on your mobile devices.

Is it legal to watch movies online using 123Movies?

Definitely, yes! You can watch movies online with 123Movies anytime you want. Watching is absolutely legal. 123Movies is not hosting these free movies, though. We are linking to them.

I cannot seem to find the favourite movies I want to watch. What should I do?

Thank you for sharing your concern. You can use the Request Form here on our website and we will be uploading the movies you are looking for to update our movies list.

It takes too long for the movie to play and sometimes it does not play. It just keeps loading. Why is that?

This issue may be due to the device you are using. Please try clearing your browser’s cache first. If this does not work, we are recommending that you switch your browser to Chrome to see better performance and movie experience.

Can I watch HD movies on the web?

Yes, you can! With 123Movies, you can stream a lot of TV shows and movies in HDX. For you to see if movies are available in HDX on your PCs, just click on the movie and look for a banner at the top that indicates “HD Available on MAC/PC. If there is no banner, you can still watch the movie in SD only.

What browser can I use to watch free HD movies on 123Movies?

123Movies app supports Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome. But for better results and great movie experience, we recommend using Google Chrome as your default browser.

Where can I use and watch movies on 123Movies app?

You can use and watch movies on 123Movies app simple anywhere as long as there is a computer or mobile devices with high-speed data connection or direct internet connection, 4G or Wi-Fi in your location. You can also download the movie content on your devices and watch them offline on airplanes, mountain peaks, etc.

How many movies does 123Movies have?

123Movies is featuring one of the largest movie streaming libraries of foreign and independent movies where you can find hundreds of your most loved movies.

What movie genres are available?

You can choose different movies you like from various genres. We have movies from comedy, drama, romance, thriller, mystery, horror, science fiction, crime, action, adventure, etc.

Where do I go if I need customer support for some issues?

You can freely contact us at [phone number] or via email at [email address]. Our customer service will surely get back to you immediately.

Are all movies in HD?

Yes, all movies you can stream are in HD unless the movies you have chosen are not available in HD format such as some old movies.