MX Player AC3 Custom Codec APK Download – ARMv7 Neon

How to Install the MX Player Custom Codec APK

MX Player AC3 Custom Codec APK Download (ARMv7 Neon) DTS Support

Hi, friends! Today we are going to discuss the process of Downloading MX Player AC3 Custom Codec APK (ARMv7 Neon) [DTS Support] which is one of the best media players so far through which the users can play the various different types of media files with the best quality of sound and video.

Therefore, there are many things and many features of this MX Player which we will discuss here before proceeding towards the downloading process of the MX Player AC3 Codec APK (ARM v 7 Neon) [DTS Support] in order to make the users provide the overview of the MX Player.

Therefore, the MX Player has the best gesture feature which is the coolest feature of this player and therefore, almost everyone enjoys the features of this player as they are very advanced and one of the best features in comparison with the other players.

MX Players codec Download:

The users need to keep in mind that the developers have removed few existing codecs from the application and due to this change, the user will not be able to play the DTS Audio on the MX Player by default. Now, the users can download the necessary MX Player codec files manually in order to fix the issues.

Thus, we have shared all the custom codecs files of MX Players. The information that is shared with the users in this post is the information regarding both APK files and Zip files as well. The users need to scroll down to the page and through this, they can download the files. The users will get the information regarding the codec that which codec will be needed by the user’s phone and it also contains the information regarding the process of installing it properly.

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How to Download MX Player Custom AC3 Codec APK (ARM v 7 Neon) [DTS Support]

Before start downloading, the users need to make a check that which Codec they need to download and in order to make it problem-free, the user needs to manually download and add up the required codec file.

The users need to go to the settings option of MX Player then, after that they need to go to the option that says Decoder then, General and after that they need to click on the option that says Custom Codec in order to check that which codec the user needs to download and install in their devices.

Free Download AC3 Audio Codec For MX Player

However, if the users have any confusion in their mind or if they do not know that which codec they need to download them, they need to select the option that says All Codec Pack from the link that is given below in order to install it. By doing so, the users will be able to play the audio of any of the video without having any issue as the codec supplies all the things that are required in order to fulfil all the requirements.

MX Player APK 1.9.8 APK Latest Version

Free Download MX Player AC3 Custom Codec Apk Files

MX Player codec armv7 neon ZIP File Download

How to Install the MX Player Custom Codec APK (ARM v 7 Neon) [DTS Support]

How to Install the MX Player Custom Codec APKOnce, the user has downloaded this, they need to move forward towards installation process and they need to move the downloaded file to their phone and if they have downloaded this from the Pc or Laptop then, move through the USB or data cable or Bluetooth and after doing this much, the users need to look after the two methods of installation that are given below and out of these two methods, the user needs to follow anyone method out of them according to their convenience.

Now, let’s have a look at both of the methods of installing the MX player Custom Codec APK (ARM v 7 Neon) [DTS Support] which is given below.


Follow Step 1: if the users have the zip file in the internal storage of their device (the zip file is in the Download or Bluetooth section) and they need to keep that file there only.

Step 02: Then, after this, the users need to open the MX Player and if the MX Player is compatible with the codec pack that the users have installed then, that will automatically give the option that says Installed the codec pack which is found in the storage and the users need to click on that option in order to install the same.

Step 03: Now, the app will restart and the codec pack will be installed successfully in the user’s device. Now, the users can enjoy audio to every video and that will be without any glitch.


Step 1: First of all, the users need to open the MX Player on their device.

Step 2: Then, after that, the users need to open the option that says Settings.

Step 03: After settings, the user needs to click on the option that says, General.

And Step 4: Then, after that, the users need to click on the option that says Custom Codec.

Step 05: Once, the user have done this much, then a dialogue box will come up on the screen of their device which is for the navigation of the codec pack.

Step 6: Now, the user needs to open the folder in which they need to install the codec pack and the user will see the zip file on which they have to make a click.

Step 07: At last, if the user has selected the correct zip file then, the app will automatically restart.

Now, it is successfully installed in the user’s device and the users can enjoy the advanced features and every audio and video clip and that will be without any no audio problem through the MX Player. So, this was all about the MX Player AC3 APK and if the users still have any problem then, they can ask through comment and they will get the response of the same as soon as possible or they will get the reply within 2 working days.

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