Google Play Services Apk – Download Latest v14.7.99 for Android

Google Play Services apk free download latest version

Google Play Service APK Download

Google Play Services Apk – Download Latest v14.7.99 for Android

Hello there, reader! I am sure you are the unquenching thirst for technical trivia has brought you here. If You type “google play services apk” and voila, here your, reading an article on Google Play Services. Rooting or Developing, we start by discussing what Google Play Service apk is.

It is more than you think, an as-a matter of fact, it more than anyone think it is increasing every second.

Google Play, previously known as Android Market, is an extensive digital service which deals with distribution, developed and operated by Google. It is the official android application store for the operating system working on all or any Android device.

Google Play allows its users with the opportunity to browse and download various applications developed with the aid provided by Android software development kit (SDK) and published through the Google platform.

It’s serving as a music platform, digital media store, place for magazines, movies, television programs, and books as well.

It is likely a dream comes true for every geek seeking comics, games or with the passion for indulging in movie trivia.

The application present on the store, after the google play services apk, are either free of cost or require the user to buy it at a ranging price, readily downloadable from the play store itself.

It was observed that there had been over eighty-two billion apps gift on the google play store within the year two016 itself and narrowing up to 2.7 million printed
apps in 2017, thanks to security problems engorging Google Play Services.

Google Play Services Apk Download for Android iOS:


Google Play Services also accommodate the providence of authenticating Google Services, access the latest user privacy settings, synchronise the contacts present on the phone.

It has conjointly coupled high-quality location-based services that need less usage of energy.
The Google Play Services APK augments the general “feel” of mistreatment the device and its provided interface.

The features have surpassed the extent of the typical human thinking where you can even search thing being in offline mode, getting you more real like and detailed maps for google maps and maximising the gaming experience.

Exciting all the five senses of the person and manages all the apps for you like your favourite secretary, with Google Fit Account and Location settings. All this with an optimized RAM. What all do you need now?

Google Play services is a flagship for every Android Device, as, without it, many apps will fail to function and may cause trouble to other apps that are trying to work.

Don’t get giddy just yet, that was only a basic introduction the ever-increasing Google Play Services APK, we should also discuss the advantages of the topic that is ending. The options are from the most recent Google Play Services Apk ten.2.99.

Features of Google Play Services:

  • Gives a new-found practicality to the already existing apps within the Google Play services APK.
  • Smoothens the authentication method to numerous Google Apps and services.
  • Google Play Comes with efficient security strategies.
  • The payment method is very amiable and robust paired in-app services.
  • The map location services, the overall working of apps and searches, has been magnified to its proficiency, designed for everyone, be it a school student or a business tycoon.

How Does Google Play Services APK Works?

The google play services have a Shopper library, which carries the various interfaces to the particular Google services, with the option to obtain authorisation from users, gain access to the provided services with full authenticity. It also contains APIs.

The perform of API is to permit the user to resolve any occurring problems throughout the runtime.

The problems can vary from out of date Google play services APK to missing or disabled Google Play services APK.
The consumer library comes in handy if you utilise ProGuard because it features a lightweight footprint.

The ProGuard acts as a part of the build process so that it doesn’t have a significant effect on the file size of the app downloaded on the Android device through google play services apk.

To gain access to added options or product, you will have to upgrade to a newer version of the client library. The techies anticipate more and more releases coming out with enhanced features and access to services.

How to Setup Google Play Services APK:

If you need to develop AN app victimisation the Google Play services Apis, you will be required to set up your project with the Google Play services SDK.
And If you haven’t put in the Google Play services already here is that the thanks to pair.

  • Start with the Android Studio.
  • On the Tools menu that you see, please click on Android and then on SDK Manager.
  • Update the Android Studio SDK-Manager by clicking on the SDK Tools then expand Support Repository, you will be required to select Google Repository, and then finally click OK.
  • For more detailed instruction, and to hone the skill of Android Studio and related SDK tools, see the Update the IDE and SDK Tools provided to you.
  • If you would like to check your app once victimisation the Google Play services SDK, you can use either: A compatible Android device which runs Android 4.0 or higher including
    the Google Play Store or the mechanical man imitator supplied with AN AVD acting on the Google Apis platform augmenting on mechanical man four.2.2 or higher versions.
  • One issue you will not understand Google Play Services is that even a non-Android user will use Google Play for his or her wants and demands.
    Google play could be a market with significant traffic and usage; any Google user will create use of the service to use the chance of cloud-based content management.

Which allows you to rent a movie, purchase music, upload music, read and buy books both offline and online through one computer or laptop and have access on any other desktop available to you.



Well, this brings the U.S.A. to the tip of the article on google play services apk.

We hope that everyone your doubts and queries, if you still have any question, please feel free to visit or search our website for any topic if
you want, as a result of a bit like you, even we tend to are intoxicated with An unquenching thirst of school trifle. Happy looking!

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