MX Player Pro 1.9.8 APK FREE Download [LATEST Version]

MX Player Pro APK Download

MX Player Pro 1.9.8 APK FREE Download [LATEST Version]

Hey, friends! Today we are going to discuss one of the most popular apps which is known as the powerful video player with the most advanced acceleration of hardware and which supports subtitle. Yes, I am talking about MX Player Latest Pro 1.9.8 APK and today we are going to discuss the MX Player Android Download Pro 1.9.8 APK Free Download [Latest Version] in brief.

Although, there are no limitations regarding the functionality are there in the free version of MX Player Latest 1.9.8 APK but I personally suggest the users to try the free version when they start using this app in order to get the idea about the functions and features of the app and if they find it suitable for themselves then, they can purchase the Pro version of MX Player 1.9.8 APK.

Before proceeding towards the process of downloading the free version of the MX Player 1.9.8, let’s have a look at the brief description about MX Player in order to make the users understand and aware about the same and provide the overview of this. This is necessary because there are many people who have not used this app yet as they are not aware of the features and functions of this but if they will get the relevant information regarding this app then, they will start using it at least for once.

MX Player Pro APK:

Therefore, there is only one thing which will keep the users away from the MX Player and that is the premium version of this application as the price will be higher and those who have not used this app till now, they have no idea of how this will work and whether the amount that they have spent on this would be worth giving or not. But now, the users do not need to get worried about anything about it as we are going to provide every relevant information about how to download this application ( MX Player Pro) for free. The users do not have to pay a single amount for downloading this if they will follow the procedure that we have provided in this article.

Download MX Player Pro App:

As I have already said that the users need to pay the amount which is about $ 5 Approximately in order to get this MX Player if they will download it from the Google Play Store. It is therefore not free and the users need to pay for it so, we have decided to share a method through which the users can able to download this app for free. Now, the users can download the MX Player Pro APK directly just by clicking on the download option which is provided below and the users have to follow the steps carefully that are given in this article in order to make them learn about the downloading process in a proper manner.

The link which is given above is for downloading the MX Player Pro 1.9.8 APK. The users can directly download the app if they will click on the link which is given above. Now, let’s have a look at the information of the version of this MX Player Pro 1.9.8 APK which is given below.

Information of MX Player Pro Version

Version 1.9.8
Size of File 8.2 MB
Requirements Android 2.3 and above
Developer J2 Interactive
Update 19th September 2017

This is the information regarding the MX Player Pro version 1.9.8 APK. The users need to read this carefully as this information will help them in understanding that on which devices this app will support and they will download the app according to the same. Now, let’s have a look at the features of the MX Player Pro 1.9.8 APK. Therefore, users need to read this article carefully in order to understand well about this app.

MX player features

Features of MX Player Pro 1.9.8 APK

  • MX Player Pro 1.9.8 APK can search all the videos which are available on the user’s device and the users can see the videos which get divided by the different folders.
  • MX Player Pro can able to play up to four thousand videos very easily but the users need a high end of devices for playing 4 K videos in their devices as it will not work properly on the lower end of devices.
  • If users can swipe their devices on left and right in order to move forward and backwards at the time of playing the videos on MX Player Pro 1.9.8 APK.
  • The users can also able to play online videos by using the MX Player Pro 1.9.8 APK.
  • users can also able to watch the videos that they have watched earlier on MX Player Pro 1.9.8 APK.
  • The MX Player Pro app supports the multi-core decoding in order to provide a good experience to the users.
  • The users can choose the formats of colours and sounds by going on the option that says Settings and set the color and the sound according to their wish.
  • The users can swap the decoding modes to the HW or SW if they want to do the same.
  • The user can easily able to download and show the subtitles with the video player and the user can also use the subtitle gestures that are available on the MX Player.
  • This app has one of the greatest apps which is called as a Kids Lock and by using this app, the users can able to block those clicks which they do not want in their screen.
Some More:
  • The feature of multi-core decoding will improve the quality of the video up to 70% especially on the dual-core devices.
  • The users have to pinch on the screen in order to zoom in or zoom out any video.
  • This app is totally advertisement free app and the users will not get distracted by the ads which came in the middle of watching any video.
  • The MX Player Pro 1.9.8 APK supports the multi-format system of the subtitles.
  • The MX Player Free Pro is one of the best video players through which the users can able to play all different types of videos.

MX Player Pro 1.9.8 APK Android

Therefore, these are some of the features of the MX Player Download Pro 1.9.8 APK which will help the users in understanding about this app better and the users, therefore, get to know the each and every feature of this application. The points that are given above are some of the important points which the user needs to read and remember as these points are helpful for them.

The users generally have one question in their mind which is ‘Why MX Player Android Pro’ and the answer for their question is that the MX Player is one of the most downloaded video player apps for android devices. MX Player Adfree Pro is, therefore, the premium app which is added free and the users will not distract with the advertisements.

The MX Player Pro 1.9.8 APK Paid Unlocked AC 3 /DTS

MX Player Pro APK Download


MX player Adfree pro 1.9.8 APK for Android Paid Unlocked AC 3/DTC ids considered as one of the best players for the android pro-ad-free and paid. Therefore, here we have provided the direct link for the users who want to download the latest version of the MX Player APK cracked for their devices. Now, let’s have a look at the overview of the same so, the users will understand what it is all about and why they should download it.

MX Player is one of the best ways to enjoy the movies and watching the videos as it has many different best options which the users can choose in order to play the video properly. The important things that help users are as follows:

  • Hardware Acceleration.
  • Multi-Core Decoding.
  • Zoom in & Zoom out by Pinch
  • Subtitles Gesture.
  • Kids Lock.

Now, let’s have a look at the Subtitle Formats for the ad-free version of MX Player which is given as follows:

  • DVD, DVB, SSA /ASS Subtitle tracks come under the format of Subtitle.
  • SubRip (.srt) subtitle format
  • Micro DVD Subtitle format
  • Sub Viewer 2.0 subtitle format
  • Teletext subtitle format
  • PJS subtitle format
  • Web VTT subtitle format
  • SAMI Subtitle format with ruby tag support.

So, these are some of the subtitle formats of the MX Player which the users should read carefully in order to make their player perform well. Now, let’s have a look at the MOD which is there in the MX Player and they are given as follows:

  • MAX Player supports on armv 7 only
  • It can remove the junk from Google analytics.
  • Mx Player works on the En and Ru languages.
  • It can add the custom AC3 / DTS codec
  • Advertisements can also be removed by this.
MX Player Ad-free or Not

Now, let’s take an overview of the things which are new added in this MX Player. The users need to look at the points which are given below:

  • The hardware + and software playback issues with the protocols would be fixed.
  • There would be the improved non-smooth hardware playback of various videos on the android devices.
  • The background play will always get resumed would be fixed.
  • The black screen gets fixed.
  • The playback failure will get fixed.
  • The blank space which is at the top of the medalist screen will be fixed.

So, these are the new things which the users need to know in order to understand everything regarding the MX Player 1.9.8 APK.

However, the above-provide information regarding the MX Player Android 1.9.8 APK is enough for the users to get understand about the application completely. Now, let’s processing towards the downloading part of the MX Player Download 1.9.8 APK for free. If the users want to have this player for free then, they have to follow the steps which are given below very carefully.

Free Download all version of MX Player Pro

How to Download MX Player Pro 1.9.8 APK Free

Step 1: First of all, the user needs to open their web browser which can either be on the computer or on their mobiles.

Step 2: Then, they need to search for the MX Player Free Pro 1.9.8 APK Free download on the search bar. The users will get many links for downloading the same app but the user needs to choose the one which says which is the actual and genuine link.

Step 3: Then, the user will see various different versions of the MX Player Adfree latest version and the user needs to go to the latest one which is 1.9.8 APK.

Step4: After this, the user needs to download the APK on their devices and if they are not downloading it in their phone then, they need to transfer the download file in their mobiles through the different modes of transferring the file like USB and others.

Step 5: Now, the users need to open the option that says settings in their devices and scroll down in order to choose the option that says Security under personal.

Step 6: After doing this much, the user needs to scroll down on the other screen in order to check whether the Unknown Sources option is turn on or not. If it is not, then, they need to enable it.

Step 7: Then, the user’s devices will be capable of installing the different applications of the third party

Download MAx PlayerAPK files.

Step 8: Now, the users need to open the File Manager and they need to access the folder to which they need to transfer the APK file.

Step 9: Then, at last, the users need to tap 3 or 4 times after opening the file so that they can in initiate the installation process.

That’s it! Now, the app will be installed in the device and then, the user will see the icon of MX Player APK 1.9.8 Pro in the home screen of their phone and they have to open it and enjoy the advanced features of the app. thus, we have shared all the important information regarding the download MX Player Pro 1.9.8 APK and the users need to read each and everything very carefully for downloading it properly.

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