How to install Tubemate App On Android

How to install Tubemate App On Android

Tubemate is an amazing application designed to support users to download their favourite videos or clips to their smartphones. Do you know how to install Tubemate on your phone? In this article, I will instruct you how you can install Tube mate on Android phones.

Follow These Steps How to install Tubemate:

Step 1: Visit the website and click “Download” to bring tubemate .apk file to your phone.

Step 2: Open Tubemate apk file, then select ‘Next”.

How to install TubemateSelect “Next”

Step 3: Select “Install” to start the installation process.

How to install Tubemate

Click “Install”

Step 4: Select “Open” to open the application or “Done” to close it.

Tubemate installation

Click “Open”

Tubemate installation is now complete. However, for each updated version of Tubemate, you need to visit the website ( to installing the newest version. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Thank you for your time.


How to search for video in Tubemate

How to search for video in Tubemate

Tubemate is an application which is equipp with a great video search engine. To search for your favourite videos in Tubemate, follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: From the Tubemate home screen, select the “Search” icon as below.

Step 2: Type in the name of the video or artist that you want to find.

Step 3: Select the video/clip that you want to watch from the list of results.

Hopefully, this information is useful for those who are using Tubemate See you again in the coming articles.

How to download video in tubemate

How to download a video in tubemate

Tubemate has a vast video library. How to download video in tubemate also your favourite videos to your phone, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Once you find your favourite video, click on the download icon.


Step 2: Select the file format and screen resolution that match your device then click on the Download icon below. Hopefully, you will find this information useful. Thank you for reading!

How to download MP3 file in Tubemate

How to download MP3 file in Tubemate

Many users are having trouble with converting videos into Mp3 with Tubemate. That’s why today I will instruct you how to convert or download Mp3 files with Tubemate.

Home page: Tubemate App

How to download MP3 file in Tubemate

Step 1: After finding your favourite video, click on the download icon.

Step 2: Select between Audio formats MP3 (128k) or  M4A/AAC (128k), whichever is compatible with your device.

Hopefully, you will find this information useful. Thank you and see you again next time.

How to change folder for video in Tubemate

How to change folder for video in Tubemate

How to change folder for video in Tubemate

How to change folder for video in Tubemate There are many comments on our fan page questioning how to change your video folder into a new folder. In this article, I will provide you with the answers to those questions.

If you haven’t installed Tubemate on your phone, click here to download tubemate apk. Or if you already own it, follow these steps to change your video folder into a new folder.

How to change folder for video in Tubemate

Step 1: Select the menu icon on the top right.

Step 2: Select “Preferences”.

Step 3: Select “Folder for Video” or “Folder for Music”.

You can either change your folder or create a new one.

Home Page: Tubemate 2.2.9

IS it Safe TubeMate Youtube downloader Apk For Android

Is it Safe TubeMate Youtube downloader Apk For Android

These are some of the main questions which can help you to have the nervous issues inside.

So for this, you have to get up and ask the internet community for this help, but sometimes there comes that many of the people who commit false statement so that they can never be the same for the people who are looking for the help in this regard are tubemate safe.

Don’t you give up with your answer now? Well, it is best for this if you are looking for the correct answer. Today we will guide you the best and awesome technique in this regard so that you can also have the same thinking which others have.

Stay with us, we will help you to have all the best sources in the TubeMate selection. It is a superb question and as an introduction tubemate is average a secure utility to use.

There are but some vital notes to make when downloading and using the software.

The reason it isn’t at the Google play save is sincerely nothing to do with the application being secure or now not. It’s far only not on there because you are able to download youtube films from there and youtube is owned with the aid of Google and that they don’t like it that you could try this. I trust its miles indexed of their regulations approximately downloader apps.

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Is TubeMate safe?

They need you to pay for a premium youtube provider which then lets in you to keep youtube films offline from the app itself.

What you need to naked in mind although is that it most effective comes inside the form of a .apk format so you want to make certain you download it from a trusted source.

On astride the apk document has been scanned and checked throughout more than one antivirus structure and is taken into consideration confirmed and secure.

I might, however, be hesitant from download it from other structures except they make the equal stringent tests. You could additionally download from the reputable website which matches nicely too.


So at the quit of the day, yes it’s far safe however you have to one 100% ensure you download it from a trusted supply.
Safe for Download: From time to time we forget about how rapid the technological world actions – simply ten years ago youtube didn’t even exist, but now in 2018 it methods almost 2 hours of pictures each 2nd.

TubeMate for iPhone

TubeMate 2.2.6 apk

Latest TubeMate Apk

Such large reputation makes it a top target for hackers to intervene and reason a few harms.

Tube Mate is Safe?

This is what we’ve visible this week with a brand new virus referred to as tube mate youtube downloader (

  • This virus imitates a legitimate app known as tubemate, which allows users to download youtube motion pictures for offline playback.
  • Tubemate youtube downloader is a repackaged version of this app with the equal capability, however, comes with over 2mb of greater malware and marketing.
  • Sooner or later, and most alarmingly, it uploads your cell phone variety and geolocation records to a remote server.
  • It is doubtful what this data is being used for; however, it is able to additionally compromise customers’ private information and privacy.

TubeMate Youtube downloader Completely Safe for android

To date, we have seen a maximum of infections coming from the Middle East, with Iraq struggling the most, but customers from all nations are at hazard.

The hackers in the back of this malware can without problems repackage and distribute it so that it will greater efficaciously target Europe or America.

The previous day, in fact, we detected a mutation live on Google play calling itself tube mate youtube download HD, however, don’t but have infection information for this variation.

As an example in case you download an app for wallpapers, and it asks for permission in your name log, incoming outgoing calls and id, your personal account data, or anything this is glaringly not needed for the app then steer clear of it.


The reason the app keep doesn’t ask for all this is due to the fact they display the whole lot that is going in. This doesn’t suggest that they don’t miss stuff. And once they do, you won’t get a warning like on android telling you what permissions the app has.

New Version TubeMate

Free TubeMate 2.3.5 For android

The TubeMate Youtube downloader

TubeMate APP: Apple and android are one-of-a-kind paths. If you don’t want to test over the permissions yourself, or don’t understand them, and do not mind the fact that some surely cool apps might get the axe, then apple is for you.

If you could take a look at permissions yourself and take the inherent hazard concerned, then you may turn out to be with greater alternatives for apps for example wifi tether.

Tubemate is 100% secure to apply. There can be some gossip or anything like that tubemate isn’t secure for the use of or maybe inflamed app.

TubeMate Aok Free is Safe?

it is an absolutely vain and fake declaration about tubemate. You need to download tubemate from a relied on supply that’s all you need.

This app is a hundred% safe to apply and download movies. So, don’t need to seek as “is tubemate safe to apply?”
It’s a far felony to use tubemate.

Lots of humans are asking the query, is tubemate felony?

Tubemate can simplest be used for a private motive. Any violation will cause the termination of the service. Please use tubemate below the regulation of your country.

You may also see our privacy coverage to recognize greater approximately this.

Tubemate isn’t on Google play due to Google’s coverage which prohibits youtube downloading apps for copyright difficulty. So, you may now not locate the tubemate app in Google play shop (formerly- android market). But there’s a few “tube mote”, “tube mete” or and many others named apps that are not any video downloader but inflamed and annoying apps. Be alert of downloading and putting in any of this app.

How To Use TubeMate – App For Android

How To Use TubeMate – App for android

TubeMate APK Download For android and learn How To Use TubeMate will help you download videos from youtube and other famous video streaming websites. All you need to do is download the tube mate app on your android smartphone or tablet. click here to download.

How To Download Videos From Youtube On Android Using Tubemate App

Go through this page to learn how you can download your favorite videos from youtube to
Android smartphone/tablet.
##1: Download Tubemate latest version app and open Tubemate after downloading.


2: Search for the required video on Youtube Using TubeMate.

tubemate apk 1

3: once the video starts playing in Tubemate video downloader click on the Green Arrow.

tube mate apk 2

4: Select the required resolution from the options.

tubemate apk download 3

5: It will start downloading and will be saved in the Tubemate app.

tubemate apk pro 4

Once the tubemate apk download is completed in Tubemate Downloader your video will be saved in the Tubemate android app itself and Tubemate will play the video using tubemate player.
NOTE: Procedure is similar for other video streaming websites

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TubeMate Pro APK Download (AdsFree)

TubeMate Pro APK Download (AdsFree)

What Is TubeMate Pro 2.2.6:

Tubemate Pro APK Youtube Downloader is a tubemate app which is ads-free version. So, the pro version of Tubemate is completely free of boring ads.

Download Tubemate pro-Adfree version to your Android phones or tablets and enjoy downloading videos without advertisements.

Here is the download link:

Tubematedownload is the most popular Youtube Downloader application which allows you to download youtube videos. But if you want to download a free version of tubemate app which allows you to download all videos that you want to download Tubemate 2.2.6 version AdFree Material design which is FREE!!

Download Youtube Videos With TubeMate 2.2.6:

tube mate Pro Specifications:

• No ads. Tubemate pro will not show any forced ads in the footer or other parts while watching or downloading videos.
• You can download till 4k videos. Depends on the capacity of your device you can choose the resolution you want to download. Different resolutions you can download are 360p, 480p, HD, Full HD and 4K.
• All different formats of videos like Mp4, FLV etc., can be downloaded with the new Tubemate Youtube Downloader.
• If you want to download only Mp3 or audio file of Youtube. This feature helps you do it. Download video as Mp3, Aac file. Speed default is 128 KBPS.
• With Tubemate youtube Downloader you will get Download resume support. If the Download is interrupted with the sudden loss of internet you need not worry about it download will automatically restore once you regain the internet.

After downloading click here if you want to know how to use tube mate?

this is amazing youtube videos downloader app but you need to find the best and working tube mate app apk file that works for you also for your mobile phone that is it..

Download Tubemate for windows XP/7/8/8.1/10

Download Tubemate for Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10:


TubeMate for Windows/PC is one of the best apps for downloading videos from YouTube. The Tubemate application can also help to download videos from any websites. TubeMate app is available for Android smartphone.

TubeMate APK For pc windows.laptop

there is no official tube mate application for PC/laptop. you can install the tube mate application on PC/Laptop with an android emulator or simulator. android emulator or simulator is the best way to run APK on PC/ using the android emulator you can download the video from youtube or from any website.

It allows us to download the video in different file format Mp4, AVI,3gp, Webm and the audio format M4A, AAC, mp3 etc. you can download video and audio file with high-speed internet connections. It supports up to 50 Mbps. Using Tube Mate video downloader, the videos can be downloaded even with low internet speed.

How to download and Install TubeMate Apk for windows/PC Using Android Emulator:

  1. Download any Android Emulator from the official websites by search it on from google. using Android Emulator, you can run your android app on your PC/Laptop.
  2. Install Android Emulator in your PC/Laptop by following the instruction.
  3. Now open play store and download the YouTube Tube Mate app using smartphones. Otherwise, by using Android Emulator, you can download the YouTube Tube Mate app directly.
  4. Once downloaded the YouTube Tube Mate app, open the downloaded YouTube Tube Mate apk file using Android Emulator.

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Features of Tube Mate apk:

  • Tube Mate downloader is the fastest video downloading an application. you can download video and audio file with high-speed internet connections. It supports up to 50 Mbps.
  • It supports multiple video downloads. Also, it uses multiple connections for video downloads.
  • Tube Mate allows to pause the video and resume the download again whenever you need.
  • Tube Mate supports mobile mode and desktop view mode option. In mobile mode, the content fits with the desktop view mode the content will be displayed in full screen.
  • Tube Mate supports 1080p high-resolution video and audio file downloads.
  • Tube Mate allows us to download the video in different file format Mp4, AVI,3gp, Webm and the audio format M4A, AAC, mp3 etc.
  • Download the favourite high-definition videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo etc.

Tubemate APK Download | YouTube Downloader (Official Tube Mate)

Tubemate APK Download | YouTube Downloader (Official Tube Mate)

TubeMate Download

TubeMate APK Download: salutation, Guys, Today’s We are going to share the awesome Android app for you. If you YouTube videos watcher then this app is that the most helpful for you.

I am sure. You will love this app. But, First of all, you will need to install and use this app at once. So, The Application name is TubeMate Apk. Yes, This app is the most trending app on the application market. So, Today’s we are going to describe the app in details. So, read this guide carefully and find the download link of TubeMate Apk. This app is an awesome Android app.

TubeMate Latest Version: thus, You will find some cool features from below features section.

This app conjointly on the market for all platforms like Tube Mate for mechanical man, iOS, iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and TubeMate For PC.

So, You can download TubeMate from here with the latest versions. You can also able to download all latest and old versions of Tubemat apk. So, Start downloading and enjoy the great application on your Android smartphone. Also, Download OGYouTube Apk.

What is TubeMate Download?

Tube mate is one of the best popular Android apps. Which ready to able transfer YouTube videos and flicks transfer simply exploitation this app. So, This app provides quick videos downloader from youtube.
Well, This is the most used application. It has millions of active users and millions of downloaded. Nowadays, Ther is no other application available like this app or Youtube videos downloading an app.

Features of TubeMate Latest Version 2017

  • You can download the latest and new videos from youtube.
  • Fast download speed.
  • Increase video downloading speed.
  • You can set download location.
  • You can see download list from this app.
  • This app also supports many more video hosting site like DailyMotion, Facebook, Vimeo, and much more.
  • You can download videos with different resolutions. Like 360, 720 and 1080.
  • Support 4k video downloading.
  • Update regularly.

Download TubeMate.Apk Latest Version For Android

So, Finally, I am going to share the download link of this app. Which you can download directly from below safe link. So, Start downloading tubemate 2.4.3 apk from below link. You have to download all the latest old versions of tubemate apk. So, Find the latest version from below download links. VivaVideo Pro Apk.

TubeMat APK:

tubemat app is a real app that gives us to download all videos from different platforms if someone needs to download any video then you need to download tubemat for it.

Tubemate download for android free:

Yes, it is right you can download tube mate for android phones and you can easily install it on any android phone without having any issue.



tubemate apk png

Download Tubemate APK:

here is all old version of the Tubemate app which you want to download here and enjoy!. if you need any more help you can comment below. thank you

Tubemate Youtube Downloader old version

(Mediafire Links)

Final Words

So, this can be the entire guide for TubeMate Apk. You find the latest and some cool features list. And you can also find the direct download link. This app is the most popular and most trending application on the Android app market. So, You can download this app directly without having any issues and problems. If you have face any type of issues then you can drop the comment below or you can contact us directly from the contact form.

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